Editorials for the

Client IG Metall
Role Illustrator
Technique Digital illustrations

Since 2014 I regularly illustrate for the print and online publications of the IG Metall Germany, the world’s largest labour union. Over the years we built a very trusting work relationship, which I really appreciate. Here you can see some of my latest illustrations with strong people and bold colours.

Harsh decisions taken by managers of car brand Opel and General Motors.

Mansplaining, bullying and other abusive behaviour can make everyday work life hell. This illustration became part of an article which deals with these topics, giving advice on how to help yourself and where to find help.

How our teamwork looks like

Usually, the editors send me their request via e-mail, giving me an overview on the topic of the article and the needed size of the illustration. In a call we discuss details, for example do ideas and wishes for the illustration already exist, plus I get the information about the deadline. Most of the time, I have about two weeks for my job.

I always send one to three sketches to the editor’s team and after their feedback, I work out the details and colour layers. The final illustration comes in a print ready file and JPG or PNG files for digital usage.

Various holiday jobs for students in the industry. Three steps from outline drawing to final illustration.

Really nice:
from to time-to-time
union members and readers
send me their feedback,
when they liked my work!

A rough sketch scribbled on the layout.

And here is the final illustration: spending afternoons waiting at the Doctor’s to get a medical certificate.