Heul doch!

Children‘s book

Publisher Tyrolia Austria
Role Illustration and cover design
Technique digital illustrations

„Heul doch! – Vom Heulen, Weinen, Plärren und Flennen“ written by Frauke Angel is a picture book combined with additional facts about tears and the reasons why people cry.

The author Frauke Angel and I worked closely together. After reading her manuscript, I sketched the first drafts and character designs. I loved to illustrate the whole story in red and blue color schemes, referring to the warmth and coldness of our feelings.

Frauke and the publisher team defined then, what we’d like to talk about in the text and what to show in the pictures only. I continued drafting the entire book with text boxes and sketches for the cover and the double pages.

In regular intervals, I sent my progress to Frauke and Tyrolia, so that we could clear up any issues or just enjoy the evolution of the book. I worked with pen on paper, Procreate and Adobe InDesign and designed collages with single illustrations. This made it easy to layout the double pages.

The final illustrations were delivered as single high-resolution files, as well as combined InDesign files, including text boxes, so that the graphic designer could easily layout the print ready files.

More facts:
Date of publication: 2021
ISBN-13: ‎978-3702239145
Published language: German

The book trailer

Whaa! Our fantastic book trailer! Thanks to a talented team in Dresden and Chemnitz we were able to produce this video to share tears on platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

The storyboard and illustrations were designed by me and then handed off to the very talented videographer Christian Selent.

Credits of the book trailer:
Idea & Text: Frauke Angel
Illustration: Stephanie Brittnacher
Animation: Christian Selent
Music & SFX: Jonny Polka
Mastering: Uwe Pasora
Voices: Tomke & Siri Angel


“Such a fantastic book! You want to cry with happiness!”
Brigitte Wallinger, wallinger.at

„A successful non-fiction book that unfolds a hitherto neglected topic with virtuosity!“
Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur

„A coherent work of art that we are happy to recommend.“
Children‘s Library of Diverstity

Two more illustrations...

… I personally like in this book. Please take care!

You‘ve got „Weltschmerz“ when you have a feeling of melancholy and deep sadness, facing the horrors of this world.
This illustration is for one of the last double pages in „Heul doch!“. It is dedicated to the book’s Grandma who has lost her husband during the war.