Animals in the City

For the special exhibition ‚The City. Between Skyline and Latrines‘ of the State Museum of Archaeology Chemnitz I got the chance to draw an ode to the animals in Chemnitz. The illustration was presented in large format as part of the exhibition. Some characters, like the bugs and even an ox became part of a quiz for children who visited the exibition.

Client smac – State Museum of Archaeology Chemnitz
Role Illustration
Technique Digital illustration with Procreate and collage with Adobe Photoshop

Up to 50 species, but one is missing! Guinea pig Lord Luna escaped its cage and is wanted now! Can you find it?
This sketch helped to define the perspective on the city. In this early phase I also made a list of animals which you can find in and around Chemnitz.
Part of my collaboration with my clients are regular updates, so both sides see the work in progress.
The final illustration was printed in 1,7 x 1,2 m / 67 x 74 inch.
Credits: LfA/smac, Jutta Boehme

We decided to show the cultural aspects of animals and humans, too. In urban surroundings we find animals in stone carvings on buildings, just as heraldic figures and in fashion. And of course pets play a huge role in our daily life, like dogs and cats and even snakes.

For the setting I built simple shapes and drew the single elements on my ipad. I love this work process and that it leads to a big fundus of single illustrations of snails, rats and dragonflies.