Parents 4 Future

During the federal election campaign in 2021, I drew various portraits of politicians for Parents4Future Germany. These critical up to satirical illustrations became part of their social media campaign. I am very grateful for our professional and appreciative cooperation with the activists.

Here is Julia Klöckner, former Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, whose responsibilities led to ongoing animal suffering.
Still in (t)his position: Markus Söder, Prime Minister of Bavaria, Germany and not the biggest supporter of wind energy.
We keep going with members of the conservative (some would say right wing) party CDU: Friedrich Merz. He is the leader of the party …and never gives up.

Armin Laschet. CDU candidate and clown for chancellor in 2021.
And who’s riding through the storm – usually not by bike? Andreas Scheuer, ex-Federal Transport Minister and lobbyist of which party? …Well, you name it: CDU.